A SuperUnknown Harmonic Indie Rock Band from Malaysia

"From 1998 until present day (disregarding the break in 2001), this four-piece have pushed forward with several gigs and an EP, titled 10/Injeksi Untuk Emosi. Think Couple with a splash of melodrama and you get Mustard.

Currently signed with R Records, Mustard's derived from a scene so influential and aplenty that it is practically pouring out from the band's sides. But Mustard's strength lies in their tenacity to be seen and heard, and also from frontman Amman's vocals, which save the songs from being mediocre. Definitely stronger in their Malay tunes (let's excuse eyebrow-raising track titles like 'How Do I Suppose To Loving You'), their single 'Cinta Itu Universal' has already hit Malaysian indie-ground radio XFM and plans are underway for an official video next" Celine, JUNK Magazine (January 2010)

"Kami band tua yang baru belajar. Mungkin ramai yang masih belum mengenali Mustard, namun kami yakin mampu menapak mencipta nama sekali gus mewarnai industri hiburan tempatan asalkan kami 'tidak dibunuh' dan tidak diberikan peluang langsung" aMMan, KOSMO newspaper (11 November 2009) 

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